Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sparkles and Sunlight ...

I was doing the dishes the other day, and it all just looked so pretty all jumbled together on the counter with my Aprons and dishtowels...
There was also a bit of mischief in the air...
{Which sometimes can happen when the Elves start to play with the Bunnies!} LOL
Every-one was getting all cleaned up for Easter, ...
Because Surely,
Spring must be in the Air! .....
Another season has begun, I always feel like I just made it past the finish line! With another winter behind us.....Tulips and Green grass are just around the corner!
.......... this makes us all Happy Gardeners!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh Wonderful Spring... Where For Art thou?

Dear Weatherman: (Or anyone else that might care to listen)
I Hate to say this but,
Actually, I am getting pretty darn impatient!
Aren't you? I mean I have so many Awesome seeds started indoors, and
I personally just dont want to be cold and damp anymore!
Even a little sunshine would be good at this point! Hee hee
Thanks for letting me vent..
Hang in there!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Romantic Vintage Screen Porch Makeover...

I call it "The screen porch" because when ever we actually use it I have the doors open all three sides to let the breeze flow right through!
We bought this room full of furniture last year, and It was ok for a summer..... But I started thinking about slipcovers right away...
I really wasnt into the orange and brown thing... as This is a summertime room!
Well, this is what happens when I get STARVED for SPRING!!! LOL
First the truck incident... and now this! My Dear hubby took one look at it and said:
" It's a bit frou frou for me... But I only take naps I really dont care.."
I Love him!
Now nothing is permanent, and I didnt buy a thing! Everything just came from shopping around my house, ( and Garage that I am decorating too this month! ) I saw a chair at Marshalls last year that had all different fabrics on it ... it stuck in my head for months while I kicked myself for not buying it! ...So this is my version,...
I love all the colors together, it reminds me of being surrounded by a big Shabby chic quilt! :)
Who knows how long I will keep it till I tone it down, but it is cold and gloomy outside, and it makes me happy! ...
I showed these pictures to a friend who designs fabrics for Kohl's, and she wants them emailed to her for inspiration! How sweet of her was that!
After! Thanks for visiting my Blog! ... remember to smile!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You'll never know where Your inspiration comes from...

"If it makes some-one smile... then it's OK!"
...."Why Can't everyday be a parade?"
Did you ever do something so outrageous just because it was FUN?
I always call this my... "Flower truck" ... and I had an idea to do this to it, brewing around in my head for quite awhile! Hee Hee
I know, I know, it's Crazy... but there is a method to my madness!
(Perhaps They will say: She's just that kind of artsy fartsy type..)
Besides... Now it matches my Harley!
Actually, I will probably add more to it! It needs a hood ornament for sure.. And..
Because you can never have too much GLITTER or Rhinestones!
P.S. Dont forget to SMILE!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

White, Fresh, Spring,Crisp,Snuggley,and Inviting....

Ahhhh Can you feel the breeze of Spring in the air? Here are my morning thoughts.....
Doesn't this just sound wonderful?
Well it all started on this past vacation, at a chic little boutique Hotel in South Beach..
(The Clinton) As we opened the door to our room... there it was ... the most sumptuous, fluffy, crisp WHITE bed! Now I dont know if it was the long flight or what...but the vision of that bed.... was so inspiring!
Our room looked right into a private/modern water garden, and the sound of the fountain was dreamy...
It reminded me of a warm spring day... with the sparkling sun playing twinkle with the clouds...
Down Pillows, High count sheets, a Down Comforter than was as fluffy as Whipped cream!! (I digress)
As we walked over to check out the pool area.. There were More!
Oh yes this was a place for relaxation!
To make a long story short... One of the first things I did when we got home was... you guessed it... Bed room makeover!! (Choir singing inserted here)
New sheets...SIX new pillows!... ( Yes I know thats a lot of pillows... hee hee but I like to be propped up properly! Hee hee)
and to top it all off .. A brand new Crisp White Down Comforter... Luxurious!
Very Princess and the pea worthy.. or Contessa should I say? but any way...
And now here is Saturday Morning at it's finest...The perfect White Throne... coffee and toast in bed, a good magazine..
and a playful puppy curling up on my feet! ..... Hey Wait!!!
GET OFF THE BED!!! VERSACE RIGHT NOW!! are your feet dirty????
Somethings never Change.....Sigh....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie!!

Margaux Lange Unique Handcrafted Jewelry
Amazing, Creative, and Just Different !!
Congratulations Margaux on your beautiful and fun project!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gardens, and Flowers, and Birds! ...Oh my!!

This was such a great show!
I met some wonderful Garden Bloggers and put the names with faces... they gave some great tips, and made me realize that even though my Blog is About Design,... My extreme passions/obsessions about Gardening might be helpful to others to read about.!! Here are their websites, feel free to stop over and say Hi to them too! But not till after you check out these great photos of the show!
Tanya ( My youngest sister) and I had so much fun! After we finally got there!
First I had a little mishap of jumping a curb, with my husbands car... oops! Sorry hunny! Thanks for not being mad! LOL
THEN!! we found this marvelous "model home contents sale!"
.... I know I know I dont need anything... I just want to look..(So She said).
FAB Finds thats for sure!
Hee hee
I will share on another post, pennies on the dollar for great Designer Filler!
But back to the flowers, I really liked the use of so much colored foilage (Leaves) this year, and thats surprising for me , because I am usually so into the blooms!
Another thing we saw alot of was vertical plantings, within walls..., I have seen it online but never LIVE, per say.
I dont know why this post is underlined? LOL ... strange but I cant seem to turn it off. I am NOT going through downloading all these beautiful pictures again, :) It takes too long, so you'll just have to deal with the underlines ok? Thanks,
The show goes on through next weekend, so if you have a free day, it was easy to park, and I am so glad it is at Navy Pier!
So with out further adu... I give you :
The Chicago Flower and Garden Show 2009