Friday, January 11, 2019

Newspaper Interview and pictures of our Artistic Home!

That was so wonderful to have them come out! it was a delight to share all the stories that go with the paintings and color!! Thank You Joanne and Angela! Your words and photos turned out to be so flattering and Kind! check it out!! -------->

Friday, January 4, 2019

“Sailor Scroll Valentines “ Studio Mixed media Class! ~Sussex Wisconsin

A national inspirationalist Art Teacher/Designer is opening her personal studio to make the precious and sweetest project with you! 

Announcing My next in person class Called:

“Sailor Scroll Valentines “ 

What is it you wonder? 

It's an assemblage of embroidered,
 inked, sewed, painted mixed media project! 
The perfect gift for your special Person... ( OR FOR YOURSELF!)...xoxoxo 
for beginner crafters, or experienced Artists.. 
this is going to be soo fun! 
***as seen in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel!!

Sentiments, secrets, and stitches... all rolled into one message keep proudly on a shelf, or tuck away for special moments...
you can even add to this yearly!

An Artists scroll full of Art and Meanings...and words...
You will also learn how to make more of these for gifting all year long! 

*Open to men and women, bring your sweetheart and make one for each other!! 

Yes this is super special, this is only one, of two times, that the Wonderland studio will be open to the public this year!
Create with Joy! Create with no fear! You Can do this!
Feb 2 Saturday 10-2

Sewing! Painting!! Stamping! Hammering! 

Fee: 99.00 is the early bird price!!!
 (reg fee will be 125.00 after  Jan 22 10:00 PM central time zone)

****Almost All Supplies will be included in your Artkit That I supply!
You may want to bring any special embroidered snippets or crocheted doilies, that can be cut up and used.. but I will have plenty for you as well!

(Bring your own bag lunch and drink ..)
I will have coffee and tea and snacks...

RSVP through Facebook or Instagram messaging payments taken here:

HELD at my wonderfully creative Decorated ART studio in Sussex Wi
Address given in sign up email.

DATE: Feb 2 Saturday 10-2

***Limited class size
Update Jan 4th: only 5 seats left! reserve your spot soon!!

***once filled a waiting list 
will be started for a future date! 

*** All cancellations of reservations will Not be refunded per regular agreements 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Art IsYou -Stanford Conn !! Boho lantern class!
  Art is You !!
this was a great time at the Boho Lantern Class!! WAS So fun !! ( Held on ~Oct 5 2018)

Held in
Stanford Conn, what a beautiful place!

Good times! I love to teach!! xoxox

Monday, January 8, 2018

New licensing products with Kiki art on them!!!

I would like to invite you to see my newest product developments ! Clothes! Purses! Pillows! Wall hangings! Plus more! I will be adding  new artwork and designs weekly!! There are LOTS of sales planned so you may want to bookmark it and check in often!! Let me know if you want me to put a special work on a special piece! You pick!!
Love you!!! 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

An amazing cell phone Pocket wallet! Made with Kiki art... :)

  I'm so excited to show you this!
 We have been working on this for awhile !
 I am using this on my phone to hold business cards... 
AND sticking  another in my JOURNAL! How cute is that? I might put another in my car to hold receipts! PLUS It's a two pack! 
And two designs to choose from!
 (The matching same in each package !) yay! 
A.Pink Sunshine top
B. Rose Garden bottom 
I have a few to share with my Artfriends before they go into stores! 
 Great company! "Alban"<----thank you! 
Just 20.00 bucks  including shipping!!! (to lower 48 states)
 Once again it's a two pack! Means one to share!!!
(5.00) additional for international !! 
Be sure to say which design! Ok!  
Thanks for spreading JOY!!! 

Watch for more KIKI Designs/products soon!!! 


Thursday, April 27, 2017

She was poetry ...

8x 10 including small border 
Limited edition to 25 prints this size -FOREVER.
Hand signed 
Archival inks 
(Dot com is removed on the print) 
Special price for this one! 
$26 including shipping to lower 48 states 
(International just add 20.00) 

I love you... Kiki

Monday, April 3, 2017

Turquoise bliss 8 x 10

"Joy lives here" 8 x 10 PRINT
Includes shipping to lower 48
Hand signed 
 80 lb paper 
Archival ink

Monday, March 27, 2017

Sorrow Joy Frida layers

"Layers... of Sorrow, of Joy.. Of Sadness.. Of Trust.. its all there. "~ VKJ

8x10 including white Border

Free shipping to lower 48
Archival Inks
Hand signed 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A journal of joy for You -SOLD


I made a beautiful handmade journal to will be hard to let her go .. but I know she is made for someone special..  She is so precious and filled with tiny secret messages for you.. and extra artistic ephemera to use! 
There is plenty of room to still write in ... and tuck things in the tiny pockets! 
Painted and stitched.. inks and fabrics.. 
please be nice to her .. she is one of a kind.. Xoxox 

52 pages of joyful color (plus cover )
9" x 6" 


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

an enchanting day!

Another enchanting day!! So fun! A local garden fantasy place!! Xoxox

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Super Duper Art muse Tips! a video!

Hello! Take a look at a couple hints and tips we talk about creativity!!

Thanks for a great interview/Video by Rachel McGough with Handmade U!! 

Have fun with your Art Life!!! It's ok!!

It doesn't all have to be soo serious every time!!
You have permission to be silly
And to giggle!! 
Let me show you how to Enjoy the Joyful in life... Xoxox Follow me on Facebook! Ok? Many events coming up soon! 
Love you! 

Xoxox Kiki ... 

Friday, July 15, 2016

New -Flower Power

Hello! Here is a work of art inspired from
A wedding flower designer who made a beautiful bouquet.!
... I wanted to play with her beautiful colors !!
Thanks Angie Schubert for the inspiration!
Prints available -16x20 archival paper and ink 
$35.00 *free shipping for lower 48 us states

(20.00 shipping 
for international) xoxox 
Leave your address and print title info in the PayPal notes ! 
Have a wonderful day! :) 

Monday, May 23, 2016

A little video on my you tube channel of my art surroundings!

Take a peek... Into my artist home .. Xoxox
That's all.. Xoxox
It's a short little video ... 
Hope you enjoy the little things ! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

an offering of art...

I'm so proud of how great they look!!! 
16x20 Garden of Goodness Print below 
Plus 10.00 shipping for the states 
(Tiny more for international) 
*Please add your address and what you are purchasing in the comments! Yay! 
***Update!! ..!!
ONLY Two left out of 20 signed and numbered limited print (below) !! Thank you!

(Original is in the right)

Please add your address for purchases in the PayPal comments. 

I send these out with a blessing of love and Joy attached ... Hopefully you will feel Some giggles also ! :) 😀 Squeal! 

Thank you also to Teri Peterson 
Her printing techniques and knowledge is a blessing to me ... If you need help with anything, feel free to give her a call! I know you will be in good hands! She's amazing! 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Joy.. It's the Real Thing..for sale!

Ok...! Hello! My dear friends! 
I have mostly sold my art work through gallery's, markets and stores.. 
But I have been asked to put my work available online so I am trying a few works.. 
I will keep them up for a week or so and then switch out with new works as times go by.. Thanks to all my collectors! Please share the word for me? 
Remember to Enjoy the sparkle that REAL Art can bring to your life! 
****Be sure to mention which painting it is by the title!! 

Please contact me directly with any questions ok? Through face book private message ...:)
(shipping costs should not be combined for product safety )  
Bepoztv (at)
Here is this weeks humble offering :

 acrylic painting on deep canvas- SOLD!!!
"Holding on to the Green"#1
Any which way you choose is the top..!
9 x 12 X1.5

9x12 acrylic painting on deep framed canvas---SOLD!! 
"Holding on to the Green"#2
There is no wrong way up to hang this! :) 

16 x 20 canvas
"Gypsy Garden Flowers" 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Check out The new way of learning Art with a Childrens Paint Lab book!!

Hello sweet souls !!!
 I am so thrilled to be featured in this new book by Stephanie Corfee!! My little bird sculpture was indeed made from "the kitchen sink" per say...! 
Actually it was created from the items on my design studio desk! Lol 

In Making this type of Art, is the secret tip!! Look through the eyes of a child!!! Yes!! 
 I have always included that element of "letting the chips falls where they may " 
It's called The Serendipity of Believing it will just happen! Right? 
We all know that this really brings a level of TRUTH and JOY to an artwork !

             "I want to Learn again 
                     to paint like a child"- 

That is what keeps things interesting and adds that element of surprise! 
-It's what makes your mind look closer.. At the art... And the details..!
What happens:
-it places one object next to another that tells a story that is begging to be written ! 
-it lets relationships be born... On the canvas, artwork.. Or Life!!! 

Available on Amazon this book is full of so many other incredible artists !! I am thrilled to hold space with them all!! 

This is going to be a classic to keep on your bookshelf! Because you never know where inspiration will strike and how you will be searching for it! 

           "Trying to find the most 
           creative inner child in all
                       Of us! "
Please join me and these other FANTASTIC artists in welcoming this book to your home and heart ... Xoxoxox 
*giggles included for free!! 
A blog hop and *give away are in the works so stay tuned!!! Whoo hoo!!! 
here is the list of all the artists on the book : )
OMG !!!! --->

Vanessa Kiki Johanning :) 
Stephanie Corfee
Bari J. Ackerman
Flora Bowley
Jenny Doh
Amy Adams
Traci Bautista
Jennifer Mercede
Anne Bollman
Sarah Bonetti
Vassia Alaykova
Wendy Brightbill
Maria Carluccio
Jo Chambers
Barbara Chotiner
Carolina Coto
Catherine Herold
Zoë Ingram
Jennifer Orkin Lewis
Victoria Johnson
Isadora Grasso
Rebecca Jones
Asta Kundelyte
Lauren LaFond
Christine Mercier 
Jasmine Nixon
Elena Petrova
Jacqui Crocetta
Madeline de Kemp
Katie Doucette
Tracey English
Alicia Ferrara 
Pam Fish
Alex Leigh Franklin
Zach Franzen
Jeanetta Gonzales
Lesley Grainger
Melissa Ramirez
Peter H. Reynolds
Patti Robrahn
Cynthia Shaffer
Renae Schoeffel 
Nancy Standlee
Jessica Swift
Toni Thomas
Heather Volkel
Valerie Wieners
Jane Wilcoxson
Kylee R. Wojtkiewicz