Monday, May 23, 2016

A. Ew little video on my you tube channel

Take a peek... Into my artist home .. Xoxox 
That's all.. Xoxox
It's a short little video ... 
Hope you enjoy the little things ! 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Heartfelt and Joyous paintings ...

8 x 8 X1" 
Signed on the side so it can be twirled! 
Free shipping to lower 48

$15.0O additional shipping for overseas 
Please add the name of painting 
And your address! It does not show up automatically... Xoxox Kiki 

And this one .. "The Reading Tree"

A double painting 
Each 8x10" 3/4 inch deep canvas 
Signed in front 
Acrylic and Ink 
Free shipping to lower 48

15.00$ additional for overseas
Once again add painting title and your address to the PayPal order in comments...Thank you sincerely! Xoxox 

And then there is the video one ! She has been painted on for 5 years... ! 

You can see the final brush strokes being painted on my YouTube channel ! 
This is a sweet collage, painting, mixed media delight.. 
So So dear to Me...

3' x 2' canvas 
Signed original 
Free shipping to lower 48
20.00 additional for overseas 
$1200.00 tax already included 
Please leave your address on the PayPal notes Xoxox 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Wisconsin Workshop announcement! Yay!

..."A Mid Summer Art Dream!!! "

Please join me at a studio surrounded by an adorable tiny town in south eastern Wisconsin... Called "North Lake!"
Listen to all this fun stuff we will do!! 

We will make mixed media wrap skirts ! 
An adorable Dreamy Art Bag to match! 
And if that were not enough! 
A floor cloth for your special midsummer place! 
You will learn new creative painting techniques, with adorable hand sewing time, and lots of giggles for sure!! 
There is more info coming but I wanted you to save the date or book your tickets if you want! 
Can you just imagine the space I will create for us to have Fun in??? 

A limit of 10 sweethearts for the classes and room for 5 to sleep at the studio! (Only $25 each for the night ! ) how fun right? Plenty of free parking...
All supplies included.. (Except a few things)

You will leave with a glee in your heart and a Full weekend to remember!! 
To hold your spot! 
PayPal, Check or credit card - Contact Teri or Vanessa with Facebook PM at Wet Your Art Palette or 262-966-1804

Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Kiki Originals for You! Xoxo

This Has taken me quite awhile to get these just right.. The tiny elegant details are wonderous ... Set in "vintage" and Gently Loved frames found in the sweetest shops! Some of The backs are velvety and have the frame easels to sit properly :) 
This totally makes me swoon! 
These are inspired by the special places deep in my imagination ...I invite you to come along and see us walking together.. Laughing and skipping...Into the pictures we roam! Lol we love to be silly.. 
Some of them even have tiny flickers of elegant gold paint...Ooo so special! 
I can hardly let them go.. But I know they will go to the perfect Homes! Xoxox

Please leave your 
1. House mailing address in the PayPal note! (**it doesn't automatically show up!)
2. Also Write the "letter " and title of the painting(s) you adore! Or I won't know which one you want! 

3. Priced @ $150.00 includes free delivery  (carefully wrapped with glass !) to the 48 states
@20.00 additional for overseas (sorry!!) 

All 5 are approx 8x10 inches 
Perfect little bathroom Art! 
4. Any questions? Please contact me through Facebook messaging Only! 
Vanessa Kiki Johanning
Because that's where I hang out!:) 
First come First hugged Xoxox 
Awesome!!!  I will leave these up for a week or so and then if there are any left They will go in a gallery! 

Love and peaceful days to you all! 
& Thank you to my Kiki "collectors!"

A: above
"Floral Fantasy" signed original,
   Ink, Acrylic Paint media set in a precious vintage frame with glass 

B: above 
"Fields of Joy"
A signed original,
Pencil, Ink, Acrylic paint Media set in a precious vintage frame with glass 

C: above -SOLD ! Xoxox 
"Pure Artful, Circus of Happiness"
     A signed original,
     Ink, Acrylic paint Mixed Media set in a precious vintage frame with glass 

D: above-SOLD
"My Favorite"
    A signed original,
    Pencil, Ink, Acrylic Paint Media set in a precious vintage frame with Glass 

E: above-sold 
"Running through the Meadows of Our Childhood" 
A signed original,
Pencil, Ink, Acrylic paint Media set in a precious vintage frame

Xoxoxox All is well..

Friday, February 5, 2016

"A Garden Of Goodness.." For sale!

New PRINT ADDED ! :) March 10, 2016

16x 20 "Garden Spash!"
Limited edition 20 prints signed and numbered 
*** shipping info and PayPal button below...

I found an amazing artist that has an eye for detail...
A heart for perfection.. 
And a mechanical soul that prints out colors sooo beautiful!! 
We tried all Types of paper.. 
Until she found the one that has so much Depth! ...And Vibrancy! It all shows through like you want to reach out and touch it!! 
These will be a run of 20 only.. And then never again offered .. In this size
A Limited Edition 
16x20 including the border 
Hand signed and numbered
Archive quality paper and inks

I'm so proud of how great they look!!! 
16x20 Garden of Goodness Print below 
Plus 10.00 shipping for the states 
(Tiny more for international) 
*Please add your address and what you are purchasing in the comments! Yay! 
***Update!! ..!!
5 left out of 20 signed and numbered limited print (below) !! Thank you!

(Original is in the right)

Yes! The Signed 
Original is for sale as well 
Flat canvas board 
Mixed media 
Vintage Fabric
Shipping is included to 48 states 
International please enquire
(We can definitely work that out! 
I will look for the best price and adjust! ) 

Please add your address for purchases in the PayPal comments. 

I send these out with a blessing of love and Joy attached ... Hopefully you will feel Some giggles also ! :) 😀 Squeal! 

Thank you also to Teri Peterson 
Her printing techniques and knowledge is a blessing to me ... If you need help with anything, feel free to give her a call! I know you will be in good hands! She's amazing! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Recent works of Joy

Signed and hand embellished Print -because you have been asking! Xoxox here you go.! . 
I will offer a couple different prints every now and then.. Very small quantities 
And perhaps some other products as well! We will see how this goes !! Yay!

SOLD OUT!! Thank you! Xoxoxo 

"The music lived inside her blooms"

8x10 luster (not glossy) 
27.00 plus 5.00 shipping 
Shipping for USA only (sorry ) 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Joy.. It's the Real Thing..for sale!

Ok...! Hello! My dear friends! 
I have mostly sold my art work through gallery's, markets and stores.. 
But I have been asked to put my work available online so I am trying a few works.. 
I will keep them up for a week or so and then switch out with new works as times go by.. Thanks to all my collectors! Please share the word for me? 
Remember to Enjoy the sparkle that REAL Art can bring to your life! 
****Be sure to mention which painting it is by the title!! 

Please contact me directly with any questions ok? 
(shipping costs should not be combined for product safety )  
Bepoztv (at)
Here is this weeks humble offering :

$122.00 plus shipping acrylic painting on deep canvas- SOLD!!! 
"Holding on to the Green"#1
Any which way you choose is the top..!
9 x 12 X1.5

9x12 acrylic painting on deep framed canvas---SOLD!! 
"Holding on to the Green"#2
There is no wrong way up to hang this! :) 
122.00 plus shipping 

145.00 plus shipping -SOLD
16 x 20 canvas
"Gypsy Garden Flowers" 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Check out The new way of learning Art with a Childrens Paint Lab book!!

Hello sweet souls !!!
 I am so thrilled to be featured in this new book by Stephanie Corfee!! My little bird sculpture was indeed made from "the kitchen sink" per say...! 
Actually it was created from the items on my design studio desk! Lol 

In Making this type of Art, is the secret tip!! Look through the eyes of a child!!! Yes!! 
 I have always included that element of "letting the chips falls where they may " 
It's called The Serendipity of Believing it will just happen! Right? 
We all know that this really brings a level of TRUTH and JOY to an artwork !

             "I want to Learn again 
                     to paint like a child"- 

That is what keeps things interesting and adds that element of surprise! 
-It's what makes your mind look closer.. At the art... And the details..!
What happens:
-it places one object next to another that tells a story that is begging to be written ! 
-it lets relationships be born... On the canvas, artwork.. Or Life!!! 

Available on Amazon this book is full of so many other incredible artists !! I am thrilled to hold space with them all!! 

This is going to be a classic to keep on your bookshelf! Because you never know where inspiration will strike and how you will be searching for it! 

           "Trying to find the most 
           creative inner child in all
                       Of us! "
Please join me and these other FANTASTIC artists in welcoming this book to your home and heart ... Xoxoxox 
*giggles included for free!! 
A blog hop and *give away are in the works so stay tuned!!! Whoo hoo!!! 
here is the list of all the artists on the book : )
OMG !!!! --->

Vanessa Kiki Johanning :) 
Stephanie Corfee
Bari J. Ackerman
Flora Bowley
Jenny Doh
Amy Adams
Traci Bautista
Jennifer Mercede
Anne Bollman
Sarah Bonetti
Vassia Alaykova
Wendy Brightbill
Maria Carluccio
Jo Chambers
Barbara Chotiner
Carolina Coto
Catherine Herold
Zoë Ingram
Jennifer Orkin Lewis
Victoria Johnson
Isadora Grasso
Rebecca Jones
Asta Kundelyte
Lauren LaFond
Christine Mercier 
Jasmine Nixon
Elena Petrova
Jacqui Crocetta
Madeline de Kemp
Katie Doucette
Tracey English
Alicia Ferrara 
Pam Fish
Alex Leigh Franklin
Zach Franzen
Jeanetta Gonzales
Lesley Grainger
Melissa Ramirez
Peter H. Reynolds
Patti Robrahn
Cynthia Shaffer
Renae Schoeffel 
Nancy Standlee
Jessica Swift
Toni Thomas
Heather Volkel
Valerie Wieners
Jane Wilcoxson
Kylee R. Wojtkiewicz

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Art is You Art Retreat! ~ fun fun fun !!!

Everybody needs a little loving #artisyou #rachelawes #create #hyattregency #eatcakecreate
Everybody needs a little loving #artisyou #rachelawes #create #hyattregency #eatcakecreate
Posted by Art is You - Mixed Media Art Retreats on Friday, September 18, 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Art Is YOU ! Retreat 2015 Minneapolis

I'm so excited to be teaching at Art is You this year! 2 fun classes and Lots of fun social days !! I love looking through the shopping day! (Always amazing ephemera !!) hope to see you ! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Keeping it real...the REAL organizing method

   Every day I wake up and try to think about what I could do that would make a statement of life or a statement of joy to someone Else! 
I need to go through my collections...I need to go through my piles of art supplies ... and only keep the things that I can still use or be helpful to me in the future (or bring me Joy) 
Does anybody else go through this ? 

I get excited about something and then I get everything that I need to go with it and I make a little bit of it and then I'm like "squirrel "..I get bored..and then I move onto the next project ! Lol
100s of things.. 

Sometimes I feel like I am filling a hole by making art... it really helps me get in touch with my feelings. And
I'm currently reading the famous organizing Kon Marie book..
 But but but..
.... I'm at a standstill... 
It's not that I dont Want to do it.. 
Im just exhausted by the THOUGHT of it! 
The clothes were a big deal... 
I did it.. Done.. Check mark ...
But now I'm on to the books and magazines.. And I just LOVE them soooo much!! 
This will be hard.. But I'm moving forward.. Trying at least.. 
Here is what I would rather be doing;

I'd rather make a movie as an art project.. 
Or watercolor paint for 9 hrs straight.. 
Or actually READ for an entire week! 
(That's an idea!!) 
I'm a super duper procrastinator ...I admit it… Maybe Mondays just arent meant to clean and purge.. right?

See yah later.. This is what's in front of me.. I'm diving in! To enjoy!! Xoxox Kiki 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

"Live every day in the happiest way! "-Vkj

                   Morning rituals...

                    Me and my mama... 

Monday, April 6, 2015

These are The colors of Her life...

Someone told me the other day... Vanessa, you are the "real thing" 
I will take that as a compliment ! 
I just want to create! 
Where will that dream take me?
A light filled space 
To make magical people swoon!
To use the creative gifts I have for that purpose!
Ok Lord.. It's YOUR plan.. I'm just along for the ride! 

These are up for auction right now over at my facebook page! 

Waiting to be sold... :)

Be joyful!