Monday, August 17, 2015

Keeping it real...the REAL organizing method

   Every day I wake up and try to think about what I could do that would make a statement of life or a statement of joy to someone Else! 
I need to go through my collections...I need to go through my piles of art supplies ... and only keep the things that I can still use or be helpful to me in the future (or bring me Joy) 
Does anybody else go through this ? 

I get excited about something and then I get everything that I need to go with it and I make a little bit of it and then I'm like "squirrel "..I get bored..and then I move onto the next project ! Lol
100s of things.. 

Sometimes I feel like I am filling a hole by making art... it really helps me get in touch with my feelings. And
I'm currently reading the famous organizing Kon Marie book..
 But but but..
.... I'm at a standstill... 
It's not that I dont Want to do it.. 
Im just exhausted by the THOUGHT of it! 
The clothes were a big deal... 
I did it.. Done.. Check mark ...
But now I'm on to the books and magazines.. And I just LOVE them soooo much!! 
This will be hard.. But I'm moving forward.. Trying at least.. 
Here is what I would rather be doing;

I'd rather make a movie as an art project.. 
Or watercolor paint for 9 hrs straight.. 
Or actually READ for an entire week! 
(That's an idea!!) 
I'm a super duper procrastinator ...I admit it… Maybe Mondays just arent meant to clean and purge.. right?

See yah later.. This is what's in front of me.. I'm diving in! To enjoy!! Xoxox Kiki 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

"Live every day in the happiest way! "-Vkj

                   Morning rituals...

                    Me and my mama... 

Monday, April 6, 2015

These are The colors of Her life...

Someone told me the other day... Vanessa, you are the "real thing" 
I will take that as a compliment ! 
I just want to create! 
Where will that dream take me?
A light filled space 
To make magical people swoon!
To use the creative gifts I have for that purpose!
Ok Lord.. It's YOUR plan.. I'm just along for the ride! 

These are up for auction right now over at my facebook page! 

Waiting to be sold... :)

Be joyful! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

It's All Part Of The Process ...

This is rather new to me as I usually just dive in to a painting and have no idea what will come out ..seriuosly.. 
So this is my fun path as of lately...
 Find a photo that peaks my interest.. 
Imagine what it might look like as a painting 

Sketch it out in pen... ( aargh! ) 
And let the watercolors splash away.. 

I have new paints and that always is exciting as well! 
And a new brush to dance with... 

Here are some flops.. Xoxox

Half way... Maybe  I should have just stopped ? 

These are NOT my new paints ... Lol but they do work well for throwing in your purse!! :) 

And on the the next ... 
Today I choose Joy...

Friday, February 20, 2015

Gypsy Circus Inspiration

   I Love the colors of a
 gypsy circus in my journal! 
 Let me set the stage...

A blurry day.. 
The smell of popcorn and 
Spice nuts ... 
I hear music from the rides..  
It's loud but rhythmic and wonderful...
it gets stuck in my ear the entire night...

The colors....the smiles... The giggles ...

Pink fluffy sugar candy ...
we eat Snow cones...

We SEE the elephants!!!
And always a prize at the end of the night..

A place where moments in time are grafted into our memories ...

And we get to choose 
Which ones to keep 
And which ones to 
Toss into the ring! 

thanks for stopping by! xoxox

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lanterns, lights, action, ...Go!

Some times it's the simplest of things...

Like teacups and roses...

Spring is out there somewhere .. And until then.. I have porcelain .... I have Limoge
Noritake ..
And sweet angelic florals.. 
It will have to hold me over for awhile... 
what about you? 
what helps you make it through the winter ?


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Love is found...

Artsy Girls weekly meet-up! (And a pinch of glitter)

This was such a fun time! 
We had "find the baby cake" (from Jan and Melissa) and Johnny Depp Cupcakes too! So funny !!

And made wonderful layered creations of fantasy towns..and cities.. 
 A place where artists would visit and twirl with delight! :) 
Here are a few sneek peeks .. 
We are Not mentioning names 
to protect the innocent Xoxox 

So sweet
Layers of goodness! 

These next ones will get covered with layers of white and cream.. Xoxox

Every week I live to take pictures of the artists tables scapes !!! Ooooo I lOve to see what all is on them !! It's like where's Waldo in the art department! Xoxo 

This weekly gathering means the world to the girls in this tribe (as we like to call it) 
..  it's not about the art to us.. Or technique.. 
We are not sticklers about anything .. 
We are there to just celebrate that we showed up! 
And when one person or another ...shines for the day we all applaude  ..
 Because that's all that's important .. Lifting each other up! hugs...
Making a little art.. 
Passing over the drama part...

And adding just a hint of glitter...:)