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Sunday, January 4, 2015

New year .. New posts! :)

I have been doing this blog for pretty many years now and I sometimes gets a little behind I'm making posts but this year I will try to be more productive and share my artwork on here as well as on Facebook thank you for stopping in and checking out my art !

Friday, June 20, 2014

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Daily updates! Mosty about being  positive !!! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hope Shining Blue Event Artwork

This painting has been donated to Hope Shining Blue 2014. Funds raised for this event help provide hope and healing to survivors of sexual violence. On April 23, The Garage @ The Harley Davidson Museum will be transformed into a streetscape of boutiques, food stations, and music to enjoy while raising money to support the important work of The Healing Center, a Well Community Program of Aurora Health Care dedicated to helping survivors heal and thrive. Hope Shining Blue is a fabulous evening of men’s and women’s denim runway fashion, shopping, and art that will take place on Denim Day, an international movement which encourages people to wear jeans to raise awareness about sexual violence. The event has been Sold Out this year! But you can begin to bid on this painting and 4 others by local artists, Pamela Anderson, Peter Kudlata, Rita Maria Gallery, and Jennifer Espencheid. Bidding opens April 9th. Visit to bid.
Im so honored to be apart if this project! 

My piece is entitled "Airing Your Laundry"

My 'Hope Shining Blue' inspiration comes from an experience of wanting to be real and brave. Putting it out there..and no more secrets. I want to encourage you to "air your laundry." Because then your ship of Life will pick up speed! You can then move on, sail away from the past, and leave a trail of love.. 

Vanessa KiKi Johanning
Mixed Media 
Framed 3' x 4 ' 

Close Up: 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Art truck renewed!! ?

Are you Looking for a new canvas?? I am!! Seriously searching  for a new pallet to paint on...something to Use my stencils on!! Glitter sprinkled over the top!! . Maybe a vintage trailer.. Or another vehicle!! Hmmmm!!! Stay tuned!!!! 

Sending the finished art off to a journal swap!!

I just had a blast making three journals from school notebooks.. I then Sent them off to Artist  Belinda S and then I will get three others back!! How cool
Is that!! :) fun!!!! ������ keep happy ..
Make Art!!! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Busy is.... as busy does..

I don't really know where that came from but I like it... What it means to me is that... The more that I try to get things done the more that I fit into my every day ! ....and it is awesome when all of a sudden new ideas come in and it just feels right... My new hobby is Art wings studio... We rented  five small offices across the hall from my studio, and ots getting painted and spiffyfied into a place to film, and hold classes !! So exciting!! 
You can check it out at Dawn Ruminski is an amazing artist that is co partnering this new step with me!! Wait till you see how talented she is!! Wow! 
 Keep on Arting!! Xoxoxox

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Les Paul Guitar DIY makeover Fountain!!

Well it as just asking for it!! Let me explain...My studio is in Waukesha Wi... Home of Les Paul ( the inventor of the electric guitar..) the city is an art gem with Many galleries, and huge 7 ft Gibson guitars decorating the street corners ! 
So it was only a matter of time before I had to 
make my contribution!! And yes, it's a real guitar ! 
I shellacked and sealed it, and this is the 3rd summer. 
It has been outside!! AND it's a fountain!! How 
cool is that?? My sweet hubby is the brains 
behind this art price ... I just had to make it 
bright and fun!! 
It's in display in the "art Garden" very apropos ! 
Do you like?? 

Quickest DIY furniture remake EVER!

The pictures tell the story.. Super easy.. And fun for my summer art studio.. 
Dried in one hour in the sun! I adore this fun chair! 
Maybe the living room couch is next?? Hey Honey!!!! ???? (Lol)