Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gardens, and Flowers, and Birds! ...Oh my!!

This was such a great show!
I met some wonderful Garden Bloggers and put the names with faces... they gave some great tips, and made me realize that even though my Blog is About Design,... My extreme passions/obsessions about Gardening might be helpful to others to read about.!! Here are their websites, feel free to stop over and say Hi to them too! But not till after you check out these great photos of the show!
Tanya ( My youngest sister) and I had so much fun! After we finally got there!
First I had a little mishap of jumping a curb, with my husbands car... oops! Sorry hunny! Thanks for not being mad! LOL
THEN!! we found this marvelous "model home contents sale!"
.... I know I know I dont need anything... I just want to look..(So She said).
FAB Finds thats for sure!
Hee hee
I will share on another post, pennies on the dollar for great Designer Filler!
But back to the flowers, I really liked the use of so much colored foilage (Leaves) this year, and thats surprising for me , because I am usually so into the blooms!
Another thing we saw alot of was vertical plantings, within walls..., I have seen it online but never LIVE, per say.
I dont know why this post is underlined? LOL ... strange but I cant seem to turn it off. I am NOT going through downloading all these beautiful pictures again, :) It takes too long, so you'll just have to deal with the underlines ok? Thanks,
The show goes on through next weekend, so if you have a free day, it was easy to park, and I am so glad it is at Navy Pier!
So with out further adu... I give you :
The Chicago Flower and Garden Show 2009