Versace and My Caribbean Cruise!

Just got back from my Caribbean Cruise, but first we spent a couple days in South Beach Miami...
I loved going to Versace's Mansion! It was so beautiful! 
It has just recently opened to the public, and you can have dinner There! 
I have always been a fan and this was really fun to do see! ( I even named my puppy: Versace!)
Our hotel in Miami was beautiful, trendy and chic!
When we were on the cruise ship we went to a supper club on the boat... I had just barely say down when I saw our place settings! LOOK! I screamed! 
My friends thought I was crazy! 
We had the most beautiful Versace~ China! 
I took over 700 photos in the last 10 days, and I promise I WONT bore you with them all! Hee hee 
but here is a few of my favorites to start with...
Just Look at these cute details!
How can you argue with the beautiful view from your room! 
In the main Lobby of the Ship.....There is
This chandelier That turned colors every couple minutes.... 
My new Love!! The Warm Blue Water!