Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Les Paul Guitar DIY makeover Fountain!!

Well it as just asking for it!! Let me explain...My studio is in Waukesha Wi... Home of Les Paul ( the inventor of the electric guitar..) the city is an art gem with Many galleries, and huge 7 ft Gibson guitars decorating the street corners !  
So it was only a matter of time before I had to 
make my contribution!! And yes, it's a real guitar ! 
I shellacked and sealed it, and this is the 3rd summer. 
It has been outside!! AND it's a fountain!! How 
cool is that?? My sweet hubby is the brains 
behind this art price ... I just had to make it 
bright and fun!! 
It's in display in the "art Garden" very apropos ! 
Do you like?? 

Quickest DIY furniture remake EVER!

The pictures tell the story.. Super easy.. And fun for my summer art studio..
Dried in one hour in the sun! I adore this fun chair! 
Maybe the living room couch is next?? Hey Honey!!!! ???? (Lol)