Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Season of Beginning/Ending.....

Beware of Blog Ramblings...!!  :) 

 Please bear with me while I get my blogging feet back in the water!! I am not sure what to write about, so here goes: 

I am always so melancholy this time of year... This summer was so beautiful in the flower world!! 
Hours and hours spent outdoors... listening to hummingbird wings... Cardinals chirping... and the waves lapping in the pool! ( The Blow-up kind ha ha ) ... Ahhhh Life is good...

Yes there was the occasional bee sting, and of coarse mosquito's buzzing!...but over all, its burned into my memory bank as being an overall entirely pleasant Season!! 

Here's the reality:...the closing of the garden is like the end of a good book... you just dont want it to end!! You hold it close to your heart before putting it on the shelf to promise a visit sometime in the future! 

Now comes Fall....Hmmm ..... everything is turning colors... I still have at least 25 perennials to plant in my own garden.!!..(trial coneflowers...Hosta's and salvia's from a renovation...) I need to start cutting things back down to the ground...It always is Sad to me...

 I also have to decide which plants to bring inside, and to try to overwinter...There is a pink geranium that is at least ten years old... she will have first dibs on the front bay window area...I will try to collect as many seeds as I can, cosmos, hollyhocks, marigolds, nasturtium, zinnia. The planning of next year is always in the back of my mind... 
But wait!! I can see a glint of hope for the future!! BULBS!! 
Oh yes I can get lost in the catalogs of them for hours! Planting their little hearts in the brown soil.. is like planting for the future! 3 feet under frozen white fluff is spring just waiting to burst open! ( These little scenarios help me make it through the long winter...LOL) Last year I put in hundreds... 
I will have to search my pictures to see where I can tuck in some more! 

Art projects are brewing in my soul!! 
My studio is organized...and ready to be USED!! Yeah!! My current loves are my crochet books.. and blogs.. And my new embroidery machine! I LOve it! 

So ... one post done... will I get back in the groove?? 

I dont really feel like I am blogging to anyone out there, so I guess this will just be an organization tool of my creative life!