Monday, June 29, 2009

Morning musings rattling around in my brain:
I always think of gardens like living, growing, creatures of life!
They evolve... they are ever changing... every year is a new beginning full of surprises, and disappointments. A Garden will put you through a series of "trials"... but will almost always reward you for your hard work in the end.
It's where we can appreciate things that return every year ... kind of like old friends...
And at the same time... feel the excitement and anticipation of the new and unknown!
Its also a place I feel closest to God... because I Can see actual miracles happening before my very Eyes!... "How can a plant like that... come form a tiny seed like this?"
I feel sorry for anyone that cant sink their hands into any soil at all,
and feel this day in Life as it is!
One glorious day in the garden at a time...
Even to smell the fresh cut grass is satisfying... and instantly rewarding!
My only regret that I struggle with, is that winters are so long and summers go by too fast!
It Starts in early spring... I wake up earlier and try to stay up longer to use every second of the time given on a single delightful day!....I want to breath it deep into my lungs... bottle it up.. or, if you know me at all: capture it in a hundreds of pictures!
So this is a special Summer, .... because it is happening right now!
The day has begun, and the sun has just jumped out of bed!
Me too! Me too! wait for me!
There are plenty of sparkles, giggles and smiles... jumping at their chance to be on center stage!
Thank you Lord for another beautiful Summer Day! It is a gift from you to me, and I appreciate its full glory! ( Weeds and all!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Come and visit an online Garden party!

Kimba, (who has a blog named : a soft place to land)
is having a garden blog party, I went to see all of the beautiful Gardens that Linked to her site, (Its raining here!)and it was inspiring!
I am still working on how to post the button for it so please be patient with me and leave me a message!
Enjoy my Garden!
More pictures posted later this week!