Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birdies in the bathwater!! CUTE ATTACK!!

here is the sweetest thing saw this week! in my own back yard, 15 inches away! Enjoy!
( Some of You probably will have to go to my blog to actually see this video)
The little guy left at the end seems to be looking around thinking:
" Hey! Where did everyone go?"
Enjoy Life!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Life-walk ....down Your Path!!!

Don't you just Love taking a walk on a Garden Path?.....
Or driving your scooter down a country road, in the summertime?...
Exploring a mishmash of color!....
You never know what kind of silly-ness.... Or inspiration that will find you...!!! .... Make you Giggle!! or Gasp!!!
Peeking inside a flower.....
Who visited this place last?
I believe that by Studying & Collecting pieces of the past...
it connects you to the familiar and exciting paths in your future....!!!
I have been looking at everything with such a burning intensity lately....
( Not only because I Know It will soon be covered in three feet of frozen snow...)
But because every glance is a picture, ...a painting, ...a story, .....a piece of this precious life that we all have!
Take that first step!
Thats all it takes to experience life with this vintage outlook!
Its not New!
Its always been there, waiting around the corner for your Sparkling eyes to see!
Making the everday, and ordinary,
something meaningful, and memorable....WOW!!
Do clothes-lines sing and make music in the breeze? I think so!
Do Hummingbirds get hot-flashes?
I love their build in fan! The petals actually vibrate in their wake! LOL...
Hope every one is having a great Summer! Dont forget to Take the time to make memories!
No one can take that away from you... Ever!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Vintage Hummingbird Garden Makeover & Flower Heaven!

Well Summer is well on its way!
I have learned so much this year in my own backyard .... It is sort of a trial, and Collectors Garden, But it works for me!
Its a great place to relax and watch:
~~~The Humming bird show!
Thats is what we call it when 3-4 sweet tweets are zooming around the
Garden... I am truly fascinated by it all!
I have never seen so many at my own
I swear it has to be the new additions to the yard:
Which include: ALOT OF RED FLOWERS!!!
There... I said it!
This was such a no-no for me in the years past... I was just never a red flower type! (If you know what I mean! )
Well now I am hooked! everything from Lucifer, to cardinal flowers... my trumpet vine is still a big attraction too!
It just tickles Me !
As I always say! :
There is also a humming bird voyeur video at the bottom of this post...
My puppy 'Versace" Got all excited seeing the cute little bird visitor at my kitchen window...she went crazy! sorry for her rudeness! LOL (Bark Bark!)
I have taken over 1250 pictures in the last two weeks ... so Here are just a few!
Come and take a little garden tour with me!