White, Fresh, Spring,Crisp,Snuggley,and Inviting....

Ahhhh Can you feel the breeze of Spring in the air? Here are my morning thoughts.....
Doesn't this just sound wonderful?
Well it all started on this past vacation, at a chic little boutique Hotel in South Beach..
(The Clinton) As we opened the door to our room... there it was ... the most sumptuous, fluffy, crisp WHITE bed! Now I dont know if it was the long flight or what...but the vision of that bed.... was so inspiring!
Our room looked right into a private/modern water garden, and the sound of the fountain was dreamy...
It reminded me of a warm spring day... with the sparkling sun playing twinkle with the clouds...
Down Pillows, High count sheets, a Down Comforter than was as fluffy as Whipped cream!! (I digress)
As we walked over to check out the pool area.. There were More!
Oh yes this was a place for relaxation!
To make a long story short... One of the first things I did when we got home was... you guessed it... Bed room makeover!! (Choir singing inserted here)
New sheets...SIX new pillows!... ( Yes I know thats a lot of pillows... hee hee but I like to be propped up properly! Hee hee)
and to top it all off .. A brand new Crisp White Down Comforter... Luxurious!
Very Princess and the pea worthy.. or Contessa should I say? but any way...
And now here is Saturday Morning at it's finest...The perfect White Throne... coffee and toast in bed, a good magazine..
and a playful puppy curling up on my feet! ..... Hey Wait!!!
GET OFF THE BED!!! VERSACE RIGHT NOW!! are your feet dirty????
Somethings never Change.....Sigh....


  1. Looks like a wonderful place! Love that colorful garden!

    There's nothing like a great vacation to shake things up and provide inspiration.

  2. What beautiful morning thoughts and images!


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