Monday, March 23, 2009

Romantic Vintage Screen Porch Makeover...

I call it "The screen porch" because when ever we actually use it I have the doors open all three sides to let the breeze flow right through!
We bought this room full of furniture last year, and It was ok for a summer..... But I started thinking about slipcovers right away...
I really wasnt into the orange and brown thing... as This is a summertime room!
Well, this is what happens when I get STARVED for SPRING!!! LOL
First the truck incident... and now this! My Dear hubby took one look at it and said:
" It's a bit frou frou for me... But I only take naps I really dont care.."
I Love him!
Now nothing is permanent, and I didnt buy a thing! Everything just came from shopping around my house, ( and Garage that I am decorating too this month! ) I saw a chair at Marshalls last year that had all different fabrics on it ... it stuck in my head for months while I kicked myself for not buying it! ...So this is my version,...
I love all the colors together, it reminds me of being surrounded by a big Shabby chic quilt! :)
Who knows how long I will keep it till I tone it down, but it is cold and gloomy outside, and it makes me happy! ...
I showed these pictures to a friend who designs fabrics for Kohl's, and she wants them emailed to her for inspiration! How sweet of her was that!
After! Thanks for visiting my Blog! ... remember to smile!