Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy "Thanks" "Giving" everyone!! Some thing I would like to pass on to you today: Here is some eye candy Gypsy style... and Thankful words I enjoyed!!  She is a Doll! Her Name is Dawn, and I am sure you will enjoy!!
click on the link!----------->Words from a fellow blogger on a thankful heart!! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Outdoor Holiday Decoration Inspiration Ideas From the Showhouse!

They say a picture says a thousand Words ...  So here are a couple photos  from the Decorator Show house I just did! My Advise as a Designer is to start with a color, or a basic "story"for the holiday, take a basket and walk around the house, dig into the back of the cupboards... dive into the attic, and the backyard landscape! We all have so much to pull from, it just takes using things in a different light, and in an unusual way ... try using things upside down... or turning it on it's side!

Believe it or not you can turn almost any object into a floral centerpiece!

Try to look at things in a new light!! They used to call it "re-cycling "
Now the new term is "Up-cycling!" I like it!!
Enjoy your Weekend!! On your mark.. get set ...SPARKLE!!!
Let the decorating begin! .........

A RhinestoneContessa!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas Fantasy House 2010 Press and Updates!

   ....Its that wonderful time of the year!! (..Cue the music!) 
We have our local Cancer Society that sponsors a New Fantastic Mansion each year chosen to became the:

  "Christmas Fantasy House"
Its absolutely beautiful this year! 
I decorated the front entrance ( more on that later)
 AND an inside room! 

First we will visit the Butlers pantry
 (which happens to be as big as my kitchen!) 
My friend Laura from helped me with her  Yummy cookie designs, and her madly creative head! 
 They are calling it the "WOW" room, and I have to agree! The colors remind me of a London Company, Cath Kidston, and they are so FUN!!
We used so many things from our collections, like Vintage aprons for the window valance, antique cookie jars, cutters... 
Snow flakes falling from the sky, cookies & cutters on the tree with a chefs hat at the top! 
There is a mannequin decked out with her 1950's kitchen etiquette of the perfectly ironed white-blouse and apron! (She has a silly side with a colander balanced on her head!)

It definitely turned out to be a "Cookie Kitschy Kitchen!"
Here are some great photos of our two spaces and others!...
This Apron is a multi media piece of art sewed from Nestle Chocolate Chip Wrappers!

 My next Blog will be on the outside decor!! 
It was an Honor for us to be a part of this Charity Event! 

Planting, One smile at a time....