Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inspiration for blogging can Come from anything!

Browsing a couple of my favorite blogs today I came across this challenge in the Stampington & Company, somerset place blogging website! ...

The challenge is to simply write a caption for Dottie Angels picture ... Which took me somewhere around 2.2 seconds to identify as hers.. Lol

Well... I put in my best Tif Fussell thinking hat, and Made it into a journal jotting ... I shall meander over there And try to get the courage to proclaim this is the funniest ...sweetest stand on your soapbox ....err blur cooler,.... bench Monday ... Post ever!! Thanks for joining me!

-She stood for sunny skies..
Warm summer showers..
Billowing Turquoise Sundresses..
And the slight chance that a Rainbow
Just might show up!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Yes ...I make art...!!

Every where I go lately I meet the most wonderfully nice people ! It seems this group of like minded, positive thinking people always seem to gravitate toward each other!!! When the subject of art comes up... I seem the corners of their eyes light up!!!... They say "oh! you are an artist! I once knew someone who could________ "..... And then the story begins... This artist shares her story freely ... And it is always interesting to see how we
are connected in some way! I love it!!
This is what I have been making lately.. A paintbrush art piece for Donna Downy studios she is collecting them for a studio display! ... A Fan for my hot flashes ... And lots of paintings which I will post soon ! ... That's it for now! Yes... I make art !! Hee hee -be happy!! It feels good!! ---Vanessa