Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brave Girl & Art Girl Luggage!***UPDATE!***

A Portable Art Studio!
I made this yesterday, to keep SOME of my My Art supplies together for an art class!
 I was taking over the House, and it wasnt pretty! ! LOL 
Now I have a place to put it all, And Most important ... a FOCUS!!! 
I wont fit everything from my real studio in here, but it will help me narrow it down to what I want to really use!! Yeah!! 
I am going on a trip and I will bring it on the plane with the items That are "Legal" ( I know no glue, or liquid paints, But I am not so sure about pen's or paintbrushes? ) Anyone Know?? 
I really hope I can get it past customs!! Hee hee! 

*** UPDATE!! ****
Yes we all made it through customs and carry on very easy! The watercolors and paintbrushes were just fine! I even shared and painted with the girl next to me on the plane for four hours! SO FUN! 
I wish I had a dollar for every comment I received about it! especially the airport workers in mexico! They LOVED it!! 
I Forgot to take out the mod podge on the way home for carry-on... so they sniped that from me... oh well .. by the look in her eyes! I think she brought it home to use!! LOL 
I have made two more and they are super cute too! (already spoken for!) 

              Two of my Big Loves ( Obsessions) PaPaYa, Cavallini & Co. ... Yep....

                                 My two journals .....

 This is how it started out.........

 There is a tiny peek of my iphone Dessert cover I made too! I love it!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Being brave!!

"Spring is a perfect sign of being Brave!"
I love this saying... To me it means.... like seeing the tiniest sprout poking his head out of the ground and being brave enough to keep growing to all that it can be!!!
Planted three containers of oat grass for the window!!!
We had many inches of snow come down today!!! But I am still dreaming of Springtime!!!
How about you???

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Cuppa Tea says Top Of The Mornin'!!!

Did you know St Johns Wort is actually a hypericum androsaemum berry shrub??

They produce the Multi colored berries that are so popular in floral arrangements!
I also love the tea, Because it promotes a better attitude which helps in these long Wisconsin winters! I would never trust eating the berries... And would rather just add them in my floral arrangements and beautiful garden designs!

I love the fall multicolor of the leaves too!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ChAllange of the upmost kind!!

I know.. It's side ways! Bit it's still cool! Finally got my groove back and made quite a few projects with my machine named: Zoey! (sew-y Zoey!!get it ?) this is for.... ms. Krispy!! Happy
Belated Christmas '!


Other side of halfway done!

Sewing machine project!

Here is a vest I am working on... Embroidery, machine freestyle, vintage hankies, lace,
Cath kidston napkins!
I loved weAring this todAy!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

One world One heart. The last one... but my first!

My first entry to The OWOH will be this year, (see link on my side bar) unfortunately this is the last year Lisa will be hosting it.. I always jumped from blog to blog checking out the great post's but never had the guts to actually join! Well this year I definitely will, and am looking for an amazing piece to create for a give away which will also be a first for me!  Going down new Paths can be  so exciting!

I am so excited to create something special for this event! stay tunes for more info as the weeks get closer... I was also shocked to see on Facebook this morning that curious sofa is closing Her store! she has a great article on her blog about it and I wish her great luck on her online business which will only flourish I am sure! HAPPY NEW DECADE TO EVERY ONE!! I also started
Pam Carrikers ~Strathmore workshop today, along with creating something every day"

Wow what a start to the new year!!

hang on tight and wear a smile!!