Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just some Random Creative Art Crazy-ness..

I ve been challenged By Suzi Blu to start thinking of changing my "goals" for the year into "Projects..." 
I love this idea! Thanks SUZI !  
 I am going to sit down in front of my new sewing machine THIS WEEK and make something/anything/cool ..and share it ( Oh know! That means some one looking at my art... this will be scary...But Something else I learned today is that you can be a procrastinator, and a perfectionist at the same time! WOW that was news to me!
Suzi had a great show on blogtalk radio.. it was very inspiring!  And Very MOTIVATING!! another show next Tuesday...I will be sure to tune in and call too! Its almost like an art club! I  liked it alot! 
More on that later!

 I 'm also reading a book from SARK, called: Make your creative dreams real...Looks like it is going to be amazing! I have heard of "sark" for along time... but this is the first book I have by her...

 One of my favorite things about winter... Tea and soup!! Yum! Above is my new mermaid teapot from Anthropologie ... I love it! The soup is from my friend Dona... she's a Gourmet cook! I think cooking looks like art...

On another note...
I've been still playing with  new art supplies...Pan Pastels... on heavy canvas...

 Then I took the drawings.. and changed them with the computer...

 That can be very addicting!...And last but not are a few new puppy friends I just met:! Arent they sweet! ???

keep smiling!~Vanessa