Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Alice in WonderLand is having a St. Valentine Party!!!!

                               Ok... Hello! .... First off.. I tried to get this all to line up five time.... and it wont work for me today... so this is just the craziness of what happens down the rabbit hole!!! 
 And this is just a little post to get me over the bump 
                                                         of not knowing what to blog about!!!
                                                                           Because I dont!!!! 
                       Its pouring Snow outside, but inside my house is like a Fantasy 
                                                                           Land I admit!! 
                                   know its over the top, but it keeps me out of trouble!!! 
                                      and not to mention I am having a blast!! hee hee

                                                This is for a party later this week, ...
                         I have spent very little on everything, just using alot of what I        
                                                                            already had!!! 
                                                  Beautiful ...From Etsy.com Artist 


                                                 This is a drinks & dessert party, 
                                 and I cant wait to see what my quest's will all bring!
                                                              My Friend Laura,  
                                     has a bakery that ships worldwide:
                             I am sure she will waltz in with something Fantastically 
                                                           yummy!! along with all 
                                           my other friends that actually bake better than me!!
                                                                                  Not Hard! 
                                     In the story she nibbles on everything that says:EAT ME!!!!

                                I also said anyone could dress up in their favorite character
                                                                           if they want... 
                                                             so that will be perfectly Silly!! 
                                                      Here is a peek at what is happening so far!!! 
                                .....I am trying to get up the guts to wear the ALICE outfit!! 
                                         Dear Hubby is going to be the mad Hatter!!! 
                                                                      Fits Him perfectly!!! 

                                   **If anyone has Any other ideas??? Please Pass them on!!

I want this!!! (FROM ETSY oh my 1!!) So TRUE!!!! 

                                           My son Will drew this when he was still in grade school!

                                                  Having fun with the invites!! Hey! its a party!! 

                                          Looking for inspiration!!!...."Curiouser and Curiouser !!! "

                                                 I  saw these cute cut outs online..
                                             Any way  I decided to make my own!!!!!whew!! 

                                                   "Barnes and Noble~ Alice in Wonderland"
                                                           They have a very luxurious edition!! 
                                         ... They Played croquet with MOSS  flamingos????

                                               I love the crown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to the rabbit hole!!!
                           I dragged this white ARBOR in from the other Garage... 
                           Hubby almost had a heart attack when he saw it in the front hall!! ... :)
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!! LOL We watched the old classic last night....
                                                      The white rabbit said:  Dont be late!!!!!!...............
                                                     Now THIS Would be a tea Party!!! 
                                               I dont have this many... but I have quite a few! 
                                      Another one my Son drew as a young boy .......
                           I think I will cut out Big Toothy Grins to hang all over too! :)
                                         ..Table.... on top of a table.......... on top of a desk!!! 
                                                  It's Supposed to make you feel small.......!!!!!
                          On my way to the antique flea market to see what else I can find!!!!
                                                       More to follow!! Man this is FUN!!! 
                                        I  Need to find a recipe for a   ...Mar-"tea"- ni!! Get it???

                                                             ~~~~~~~~~~~p.s.Like my Birdie ring???? 
                                                                                            love it!!!