Brave Girl & Art Girl Luggage!***UPDATE!***

A Portable Art Studio!
I made this yesterday, to keep SOME of my My Art supplies together for an art class!
 I was taking over the House, and it wasnt pretty! ! LOL 
Now I have a place to put it all, And Most important ... a FOCUS!!! 
I wont fit everything from my real studio in here, but it will help me narrow it down to what I want to really use!! Yeah!! 
I am going on a trip and I will bring it on the plane with the items That are "Legal" ( I know no glue, or liquid paints, But I am not so sure about pen's or paintbrushes? ) Anyone Know?? 
I really hope I can get it past customs!! Hee hee! 

*** UPDATE!! ****
Yes we all made it through customs and carry on very easy! The watercolors and paintbrushes were just fine! I even shared and painted with the girl next to me on the plane for four hours! SO FUN! 
I wish I had a dollar for every comment I received about it! especially the airport workers in mexico! They LOVED it!! 
I Forgot to take out the mod podge on the way home for carry-on... so they sniped that from me... oh well .. by the look in her eyes! I think she brought it home to use!! LOL 
I have made two more and they are super cute too! (already spoken for!) 

              Two of my Big Loves ( Obsessions) PaPaYa, Cavallini & Co. ... Yep....

                                 My two journals .....

 This is how it started out.........

 There is a tiny peek of my iphone Dessert cover I made too! I love it!!


  1. Oh you crafty Chica you, and I love the Gypsy vibe of the case! Thanks for stopping by... now I don't feel like the Lone Ranger in my layering of the Rosary! *wink* Wow, a buck apiece at St. Vinnys!!! See, this is what I'm talking about and contributes to my obsessions... adored pieces at ridiculous prices = me unable to resist... so, I end up with amassed Treasures of epic Biblical proportions. And every Spring... the Purge... which is going on right now since I needed an early start... *smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Janice Joplin and Queen Victoria are fighting over this in heaven!
    Oh, and Dawn, I envy you! I think I live too close to Chicago to find any bargains...well, except furniture and garden ornaments. Okay. I'll stop complaining! LOL!

  3. OMG April! I LOVE your I'm going to have to rut down in the basement and see if I can't find an old one...seriously...I LOVE everything about it and IN it! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. oh so fabulous.. love love that case.. and all the fabrics and brave girl truths.. you are so so talented! hugs xo

  5. Wow that's sooo beautiful! What a colorful fun place to store all your special "brave" things:)

  6. LOVE this suitcase! I don't know about pens, but paintbrushes shouldn't be a problem.

  7. wow, even your luggage is very artistic!!!

  8. I have a bag to carry my art supplies when we travel..I've blogged about it! It's not NEARLY as pretty as yours! WOW! ♥

  9. So cute! I love the bright cheery!

    Thakns so much for linking up, and sorry it has taken me forever to get around and visit!

    I can tell your craftiness is far superior to mine!

  10. Look at all of that deliciousness! Looove it. :)

  11. Oh my gosh, I love this. I am so inspired to make one too now!

  12. how much i admire this art bag!!! i love it!and your journals too! did you buy them or did you make them?


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