Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brave Girl & Art Girl Luggage!***UPDATE!***

A Portable Art Studio!
I made this yesterday, to keep SOME of my My Art supplies together for an art class!
 I was taking over the House, and it wasnt pretty! ! LOL 
Now I have a place to put it all, And Most important ... a FOCUS!!! 
I wont fit everything from my real studio in here, but it will help me narrow it down to what I want to really use!! Yeah!! 
I am going on a trip and I will bring it on the plane with the items That are "Legal" ( I know no glue, or liquid paints, But I am not so sure about pen's or paintbrushes? ) Anyone Know?? 
I really hope I can get it past customs!! Hee hee! 

*** UPDATE!! ****
Yes we all made it through customs and carry on very easy! The watercolors and paintbrushes were just fine! I even shared and painted with the girl next to me on the plane for four hours! SO FUN! 
I wish I had a dollar for every comment I received about it! especially the airport workers in mexico! They LOVED it!! 
I Forgot to take out the mod podge on the way home for carry-on... so they sniped that from me... oh well .. by the look in her eyes! I think she brought it home to use!! LOL 
I have made two more and they are super cute too! (already spoken for!) 

              Two of my Big Loves ( Obsessions) PaPaYa, Cavallini & Co. ... Yep....

                                 My two journals .....

 This is how it started out.........

 There is a tiny peek of my iphone Dessert cover I made too! I love it!!