Friday, November 19, 2010

Outdoor Holiday Decoration Inspiration Ideas From the Showhouse!

They say a picture says a thousand Words ...  So here are a couple photos  from the Decorator Show house I just did! My Advise as a Designer is to start with a color, or a basic "story"for the holiday, take a basket and walk around the house, dig into the back of the cupboards... dive into the attic, and the backyard landscape! We all have so much to pull from, it just takes using things in a different light, and in an unusual way ... try using things upside down... or turning it on it's side!

Believe it or not you can turn almost any object into a floral centerpiece!

Try to look at things in a new light!! They used to call it "re-cycling "
Now the new term is "Up-cycling!" I like it!!
Enjoy your Weekend!! On your mark.. get set ...SPARKLE!!!
Let the decorating begin! .........

A RhinestoneContessa!