Vanessa KiKi Johanning ~An Artists Garden...

Thanks for stopping by! 
This summer has been so different for so many of us! 
staying close to home was actually beneficial to my Gardens here in Wisconsin.
I found many days to be creative.. changing out little vignettes in the Pretend " rooms" 
it was very fun to decorate and to photograph.... and finally then to bring them to life with Painting 
them in Pictures! 

Soon Private classes will begin back in the studio 
with social distances in place of course...
If you are in the area of SussexWisconsin and are looking for signing up ...
 give me a message over on my Instagram!
I have all sorts of art projects planned for this winter! 
We have to keep busy and Create, Create, Create!! 

                                                      I love hanging out on the patio! 


                                                            interesting bird feeders have been added!! 


                                                                   .... and We had fun with the planters also!! 



                                                            well thanks for stopping I said...

                                                            I'm mostly over on instagram... so come and see my DAILY 

                                                                posts over there!! Thanks!! 

                                                                    ~ KIKI