Information inquiries about my handmade journals with pricing


*** email me directly or private message me on Instagram  @VanessaKIKIJohanning  or 

*2023 custom journal orders are now Full -

Waiting list for 2024 is open ! 

These are all Custom, made to order!

 “KIKI Journals”

  💓Pricing is done size and pages ...:) 

My Journals are chock Full of ORIGINAL artwork watercolored, Painted, and collaged pages ..  and many many embellishments in the pockets. Please note these take Many months to be completed.. every painting I do might not "make the cut"... I try my very best to make a Journal that will call out to YOU to create More into it! prompts.. room to do anything you want in it! 

$1,395.00 ( plus shipping) for 7 x11 ish 

Size varies by millimeters😌  *filled with scraps of paper ephemera (vintage and collectible) 

PLUS almost 30 pages of my original artwork! 

⭐️$1,695.00 (Plus Shipping) 

would be for larger coffee table style books..and more pockets and handmade ephemera to hold mementos 3 signatures (sections) 60 pages of paintings! 

they are both archival and amazing..

 (it’s so hard to let them go once I make them so they have to be for special people like YOU 💕.. )!

 **I will pay to  ship from Sussex WI 

It is Thick French paper .. I fill them with many original water color and acrylic paintings and a few blank pages for you .. I will use your theme....if you want,  plus there is room for You to add your journaling style .. I encourage you to even write on top of my artwork! 

We will put in tuck spots and pockets.. for poems, notes or shopping lists! 

 Using mine for jotting notes.. lists.. everything from movies I want to see.. to quotes I want to remember.. and a place to hold mementos from a trip ... 🙂 all different ways to use them.. 

Thank you so much for inquiring!


***Sorry No international Sales at this time ( continental USA only) 

 Do NOT comment or message me can reach me on my Instagram messaging ... thanks! 

Please note* I retain the original photographed copyright to the finished artwork and will likely use it for additional projects in the future, whether for advertising, or any other vessel that I choose. You own the original, but I own the image. Thank you! all my Love, Vanessa K!K! Johanning 


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