Fun with the Art group;

We get together to laugh.. Giggle and make some type of art..although technique is not that important at all! Talking and relationships are... 

Sometimes the things we create are so fascinating... it just surprises the heck out of me!

   I alway LOVE to take pictures of the table !!  I think a coffee table book just about art messes would be fabulous! 

And the "photoshoot" at the end! That's the best !!!! Xoxoxox 
Check them all out like super models !!! 

Thanks to Mary B  for a great time ! What a beautiful and exquisite home! I just knew it would be special!! And she didn't disappoint They all turned out so cute ! Everyone wound up Making quite a few! 
Well... you can see for your self! 
This art tribe rocks! 
Can't wait till next week! Xoxox