Newest Art and Design Trends

It is Jan and I am at the craft and hobby association conference in Anaheim California !!! So exciting to see all the colors, and new patterns of papers coming out!
This is what I see trending !
I noticed a lot of fantasy garden themes...with a pinks and oranges mixing in with the prettiest olive moss green..
I saw this at many booths!
Also right along next to the tropical brights !! Which I love! Neon pops where everywhere .. And not just for spring!
Mixed media art is alive and moving forward! We all have so much ephemera in our lives! Making art with what is inspired by your surroundings is not new, but bears repeating loud and clear!!
Technologies have stepped in with resins and printable films that are going to be sooo fun to try! More on that later this week !! ... So signing off... With a bright sun shining morning .. The mountains are beautiful here!!