Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stacks Stack And more Stacks! Stack love!

I walked around my bedroom... garage...living room... and @the studio...
I have too many Stacks!! 
I kNow I Know.. but I love to have them around me where ever I sit! 
Journals... and more Journals!! ( No they are not Full! ) That is another story!  
I never finish....
I dont know why, but I love the start of a NEW Fresh 
EMPTY Journal...
And then.......I just move on,,, 
Alot of my collection of STACKS
Contain books ...
I am currently reading around 100...
( She grins Sheepishly) 
And the rest is ephemera to actually USE in artwork! 
Well there you go.. Have a lookie: 
Thats my story and Im sticking to it! 
Come find me on face book..

 Now THERE is a messed up stack o mine! 

Vanessa Karin Johanning