Craft Room Studio Screen Porch Shabby Artistic Self Makeover Ideas?

                                                       Whew! sounds like a big project right? 
                                                                        What a mess! 


                 Dont get me wrong.. This is what I do .. 
I need to have things around me to  
actually SEE what stuff 
I want to do it with!
This didnt happen overnight you see...
Well its a bit of a long story so
 I hope you will grab a cup of coffee 
and have a seat !!  
The really great news is that I know 
I have really made a breakthrough in these last couple months 
with even accepting That I "AM" a real Artist!!! 
I have been reading so many helpful 
mind opening Books, Blogs, & Publications 
( Where Women Create, Art saves: 
Cresendoh,  Artful Blogging...! )

Then also!I met an amazing artist/teacher named Ms. Krispy 
who just assumed that I was an artist! 
Imagine that! 
Now I know you will think this is silly but....
I feel like the lightbulb finally went on when
 I actually saw other artist's designing with 
MULTIPLE mediums!!
I was always taught that if you want to be an artist... 
you need to choose one line of art... and just perfect it! 
dont think of anything else!!! 
do that one thing...for life!!! Seriously!! 
Thats what my teachers said to me! 
Well ...being the magpie that I am... 
with colors and sparkles, and flowers, and china .. and linens,
Glitter!...stickers, ...stained glass,..clay, ...

well you get the picture! 
I just Knew! I wasnt a real artist! :(

In fact I wrote that in an email to Jo Packman just last year... 
saying some thing like: 

"...I just dont know what I am doing with all this stuff I have, 
because I'm not really an artist!" 

Talk about having a paradigm

Now what does all this have to do with 
"a craft room studio vintage screen porch makeover?? you ask?
well...  I had my lightbulb blinding moment when 
I finally broke through all the stupid stuff in my head..


I mean I kinda look like a crazy artist? right?
 LOL why cant I be one???
now...You have no idea how Freeing that was!! 
Besides that I had thousands of dollars of art supplies 
hidden quietly up in a secret room!! 
I can actually crawl out from under 
the wildly colored carpet!! 
...and I have settled into my role very nicely Me. 
I have finally figured out its ok 
to ACcEPT my no no 
I mean GIFT!!  :)

Back to the:
 New SUMMER Art Space Journey!!! 
I have been thinking about 
wanting to move 
part of the craft studio out 
into the screen porch
...or the garden...
or Somewhere??!!
 I just have to find
 a place closer to the gardens!!
The following may 
or may not be a figment of your imagination!! 

Was it Just a Dream???

I went  on a journey 
and listed to what
 the gardens were saying!!....

 "Step right up folks! 
To the Greatest Show on Earth!! 
( Or at least the greatest in the Garden! )

"This is the Fantasy Secret Garden"
"Lined with Vintage China and Teacups!" 
said Butterfly Girl to Mother Nature!
Surprises around every turn!!! ...

Sound the Horns!!! Toot toot!! The Birds are singing!! 
The chipmunks are Squeeking! 
The bees are humming! And The Gardener is going to create !! 
Yippee!...but where shall she go?
....Send out a Tweet! .....
Write up a Proclamation! ......
She needs to find a new place in the world 
to have Her 'artsy' little way with! ...
no no no silly! This is the kitchen! 
She has already put her Colorful little touch on this place!!....
We have to go back out side!!!  
How about on the GlitterSparkle Patio?
"her paints and papers
 might all blow away or get wet by the summer showers! "
said the Birds to the Aprons on the clothesline...
 Where Can She Create???
The screen porch has been thoroughly Artsy-fied...
I might be able to snag in a small table in the corner... hmmm 
Just thinking aloud here... bare with me :)

She did this room Last Spring! Remember??? 
You know that she basically uses Her creativity 
in every single thing that She touch's!!
This would be A wonderful summer studio! ...But
Lets look around just a bit more...
"Where are you going???"asked the Hummer...

"Does anyone want a drink?" ...

..."Not what I was quite hoping for...
I was thinking something like a nice cuppa tea!"  
Lets keep going! .....
ooo lets try going through the garden gate!! ...

There she is!!! taking a  needed a rest!!!....
"Come On!! Lets Go!!".....said the cute little puppy!! 

Well she already "funk-I-fied" 
her FantasyGarden Business flower truck!! WOW How fun!! 
Are you getting bored???? Its just a bit further!! 
Hang on !! I have one more place to check out!!! 
I dont think she will fit in there!! But wouldnt that be awesome 
if she had like a small little Gypsy wagon to play in for the summer! some thing like this?:
Unfortunately local town regulations wont allow for such wonderful sillyness! Boo! 
Look!! at the sun sprite!!
Hey! maybe Its a message from the Garden Fairies!! 
sometimes they hide in the foxgloves you know...
Fancy Nancy knows where to look!! 
It has to be a special place!!! Bright, Fun!! Dry! ...
Keep looking !! You Can do it!! 
Help Her Find more of Her Artistic Self!! 
Is that what this is about??? Well lets put on those walking shoes!! ...

What are you waiting for???....  
why dont you ...Go take a look in the potting Shed Garage!!
(~QUEUE THE ANGELIC MUSIC!!!)~~~~aaaahhhhh!!!!!
And The clouds parted!!.... its always sunny in there!!

Looks like plenty of Room to make art! ....Nice place for her to "Vanessasize "
She can do it in an instant!! It will be fun!! She could paint on the ceiling!! 
(Hubby yells out: NO SHE CANT paint on the ceiling!!!) hee hee!
It was there all along!! .... 
You'll just click your wrong story...
put on your hat.....huh???
and just be YOURself!! 

"A Real ....Live.....
 Living.... Breathing..... Honest to goodness, Bible thumpin,
 glitter hoarding, Beanie wearin,...

The end

No.. actually its just the beginning!! Hee hee
Thanks to all my friends and family for not laughing at me, 
helping me find my way, and believing all along that I always was an artist !!!