Where Woman Create...

This is a copy of My post on their Blog: http://www.wherewomencreate.typepad.com/ Congratulations on your Anniversary! Your Life is your Biggest Art Project!!!! Button on Blog~Check twitter~Check Blog about How I love your magazine!!~Check FB Fan~Check Get a Tattoo of "Where Women Create" ~Check (LOL... JK) Ok here is my 2 cents worth...Sorry, I am Long winded.. :)
I would love to see the Home creative spaces of Cath Kidson, Betsy Johnson, And a local cookie artist, Laura Verage (http://cookiesfromscratch.com)
I would also invite you to my own studios... This is funny because: For the simple reason that it would MAKE me ORGANIZE IT!!! AARRRGGG!!! It would be fun to see the "before and after" shots of someone else's studio before you came! Hee hee Also another idea... it would be nice to list 100 new excuses to say to your family about why I have to collect_____ (Fill in the blank) and keep all this Ephemera in arms length! I am running out! *** how about an iPhone App? That would be cool! My fave WWC Moment: The first time I picked up your hardcover book I was just browsing upstairs at the B&N...I had never even heard of any of the craft magazines...I saw the cover and my heart was racing! I felt a weight lifting off my shoulders, because THERE WERE OTHER PEOPLE LIKE ME!!!!... What a relief! Seriously! I have told this story to So many people...They are sick of me showing them my dogeared copy! I then, ran down the escalator to the mag section... And there they were!!! I grabbed as many as I could find... bought them all,.... mortgaged my house... And cherish them to this day! I love your magazine and the entire Summerset Family of artist's... It is like eye candy with out the calories! I had to switch to bigger purses because I always carry them with me! LOL Keep on Creating and publishing! It helps and Inspires us ...More than you will ever know!
~Available at fine bookstores!
Images borrowed from the web, sorry I dont remember where from....