Cancer Society Christmas Fantasy House 2009~V Gardens & Holiday Decor

Well you saw the before pics...( You can see them in this months issue of Milwaukee Home and Fine Living Magazine!)
Here is a peek at the final result! These are alot of the fine details that go into creating the story of:
"Mother Nature Meets Father Christmas"
"Every pinecone, Every Sparkle... and every book is slanted the perfect all goes into the Fantasy Christmas Makeover Feeling of this Beautiful Home!" said Johanning to the visiting Tour
****It was also shown on 'The Morning Show' and interviews! Thanks to Anne at "The Front Porch" She had a Major part of the house with the kitchen and living room combined! It was so nice to meet her!
(She has done it for ten years!WHEW!
Now THATS Volunteering!)
Scroll down to see me winning an award! ... In my OWN Fantasy!
And now for the silly part!:Fantasy update in my mind: LOL
As I get handed the award for an Emmy...I say:
"It was alot of fun and hard work! Thank you to Aga Artka Design
And Tanya Mumper of V Gardens Floral and Holiday Design, for both their creative and brilliant help on this project!
And Brenda @ Harvest Home in Pewaukee for lending me the angel that followed me home for this Christmas!(Thank you Dear Husband!) xoxoxo
I cant wait for next year! Whew!
I met so many other Wonderful Designers, and business owners, it was a Blast!
It was a bit like an Eddie Ross Mantra: reuse, recycle, redesign!
I know my Friday Opening Night Designer Dinner at the club house was not a night I will soon forget!"
"Especially my "Haute Couture" attire for the evening! (Hee Hee) More on that another time....LOL"
Oh!..... I am running out of time?.... We are going to a commercial?...I forgot to thank God And My Mother!!!!...and my Kids! And Aga's husband for photographing! ... And the umbrella man at my table who bought me a Fancy drink!....
I cant wait till next year!!! I asked if I could just move my art studio into the next House! Wouldn't that be a Hoot! ???
Bye for now!


  1. I for one wish we could move anything and everything in a twinkling of a magic wand...or even a magic jet pack or how 'bout a transporter beam?...yeh...that could work. We could plant our stuff anywhere ...and just move it back again or move on to somewhere else when we tire of that location..... sounds great to me....

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! :-) I love meeting new bloggers + can't wait to read more of your posts. All the best!

  3. LOVE the holiday foilage!
    Merry Christmas!

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