A new Season, A new attitude! ........

In case you might not know what I fill my 15 hour days with...
WOW!! it was a great Summer... Being a professional Gardener,,, I literally planted over 4000 plants! and thousands of bulbs! at least 100 shrubs...Whew!
( No, not ALL in my own gardens! Silly!Ha Ha )
I am so happy to have created so many new spaces for the little flowers to grow and flourish! This summer I have worked with some amazing people who have allowed me the freedom to sprinkle some of the Sparkles of my Passion in their LIVES & Property ...!!
I'm so blessed to be able to Dig out and carve a space ... that will become a destination
or even a small pleasure in their Lives! Creating something from nothing, and Poof!... its a garden! ....It doesn't really work like that, ( a lot of sore muscles are involved! )
But it never fails to give me such an absolute thrill! There it is: A place to sit and enjoy the Blossoms, bulbs, Birds, the butterflies,... the hummers...LIFE!!
Whew! It was a wild ride, and I cant believe how fast it went! A lot of giggles, sweat, and backaches... But well worth the effort!
Hundreds of photos were taken of the new gardens...with the promise to myself to ponder over each one in the future days when the winter snow is blowing outside ...
To add them to this Blog so I can visit them all...remembering the warm sun on my neck, the breeze singing in the trees...
And perhaps help in my survival of the cruel winter that is to come.... ( can you tell I hate the COLD!!!)
Stay tuned!
Here are some of the photos just from today....
Good bye summer.... Keep your paths open! We'll be waiting for you!


  1. love the little fairy in her garden...and your little sweetie in the pink bicycle carrier..

    I wish we had more hummingbirds...I only see the occasional one...and I do plant flowers they love..but, not too many pass by this way..my sister has lots in her garden, but she is miles away in a slightly milder area ...


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