Tuesday, January 27, 2009


  1.                                                                                         Seriously!!!!!
  2.                                                      "Hello fellow potato-chips!!!!" 
  3.                                                                That means you!
  5.                                                           Thanks for Dippin In!!! 
  6.                                                                  That means stopping by!  
  7.                                                               Its me.............V!
                            Just thought you'd like to see who this crazy blogger is! 
                                                 My kitchen table has turned in to  a love Fest!!!!                            My puppy Versace got too close so I had to decorate her too!                                                                    ........... Love the pink hair extensions!!                                  I am  Seriously in the crafting mood to make something!!!


  1. First time to visit your blog to cute. Gosh I look at all the blogs at all the cute glizie items.I am very creative I just never have the time to make anything. To cute for words.So glad I have found your blog. please visit anytime.
    Have a great Wednesday.

  2. Thanks so much! In the summer I work outside all the time.. 11-12 hours a day! this is my time to play!!!
    I cant wait for you to see your swap Prize's!! Hee hee...

  3. Thank you for stopping by. I love Versace, how cute with all the ribbons.

  4. Vanessa I had to come back.Yes you are my swap partner what am I thinking about.Please just pass off
    me not realizing who I was blogging with. I hope you are excited about your package. Everything is in the box waiting to be mailed Friday. I wanted it to arrive close to Valentines Day. You are the cutest.Let's chit chat more.I had no idea when I left my first message that you were my swap partner.Just know you have some cute things but someone else made them.
    Have another great day.

  5. Vanessa please don't take the chocolate out.I still have chocolate
    attacks,I am able to control my cravings.But it will be nice to have
    when I have that weak moment.
    Love ya girl..


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