MadeTV Network!

 Yes!!! It’s true! You can now find me on a new streaming platform that is called Made TV Network.

You can follow them over on Instagram and Facebook and it is a place where artists are creating videos and tutorials and workshops just for you. There is sewing and painting and everything that you can imagine that you would want to sit and learn with any artistic skills.wheee!!!

 The wonderful thing about watching TV network is that there are no commercials!

This is a streaming platform, which means that you can watch it on your phone or your computer !

This wonderful new venue is being presented by Jo Packham (formerly publisher and Editor in chief at “WhereWomanCreate” magazine!)

Along with  Monica Michelle from BLOOM TV network! 

I invite you to subscribe to this new platform! 

In fact! I have a coupon code for you that does not expire!


Hope to see you over there and let me know so I can personally say hi and welcome! 

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