Artsy Girls weekly meet-up! (And a pinch of glitter)

This was such a fun time! 
We had "find the baby cake"and Johnny Depp Cupcakes too! So funny !!

And made wonderful layered creations of fantasy towns..and cities.. 
 A place where artists would visit and twirl with delight! :) 
Here are a few sneek peeks .. 
We are Not mentioning names 
to protect the innocent Xoxox 

So sweet

Layers of goodness! 

These next ones will get covered with layers of white and cream.. Xoxox

Every week I live to take pictures of the artists tables scapes !!! Ooooo I love to see what all is on them! It's like where's Waldo in the art department! Xoxo 

This weekly gathering means the world to us.
..  it's not about the art to us.. Or technique.. 
We are not sticklers about anything .. 
We are there to just celebrate that we showed up! 
And when one person or another ...shines for the day we all applaude  ..
 Because that's all that's important .. Lifting each other up! hugs...
Making a little art.. 
Passing over the drama part...

And adding just a hint of glitter...:)