A Cottage Garden in Spring ~Interestingness!

Well I have gone from my blog for a bit... working on clients designs, getting gardens ready for When it might finally warm up! I cant wait!! it is still in the 40-50 degree range with some milder weather thrown in..

"WHY IS SHE TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER???" you may be thinking...
Well I am outside so much working at my job I tend to become a bit obsessed with it!! ... its this time of year that I ask myself:

" Why do I lived in this region! !!!" ( Wisconsin, USA)
Im am doing this blog so I can remind myself ... Most of these pictures are on my face book too ... but I wanted to put them here for ever... I know there are alot.. just scroll through and send me some sun!! Please!!

Thanks for looking and stopping by!
Happy..errr..SPRING??? :)

more later!! ...:)