My Artist Collage Flower Truck!!

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  1. vanessa, thanks for visiting my blog. you made me so interested i had to check your out! i LOVE your truck. it is an inspiration mobile! how better to travel than this? you are a fabulously creative gal!

  2. Thanks so much Rita!!
    You are a brave girl! And I love your artwork too!


  3. Vanessa, I ADORE your Gypsymobile... especially incorporating Betsey Johnson, her fearless use of color and style has always inspired me. Glad to see you're using some of your 41,000 photos to share with us... I'm seriously OCD about the photography too... ran into a bit of a problem with my "storage space" already and forgot to consult the Grandson before I took action to "fix it" myself... needless to say I'm STILL running damage control for the mess I made! *le sigh* Your Truck made me smile after slogging endless hours trying to restore dumped pixs to my Blog that I'd "accidentally" sent into cyberspace.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. oh no! Dawn!! thats such A bummer!! ......
    I will leave more of a comment on your blog...

  5. Hi Vanessa... I too LOVE MP Bags and have a collection, mostly of Robin's older work when I could afford it and she wasn't as well known. The interiors are as divine as the exteriors.

    However, all the bags on today's Post are my own bags and creations. I make them entirely by hand since I don't know how to use a sewing machine... Art is the Therapy I use for my Soul to be fed. I'm flattered that you love my bags and mistook them for the Artistic Genius of Robin... I can't hold a candle to the quality and craftsmanship of her work, she is a skilled Seamstress and mine are rather Folk Artsy by comparison, but I do like my bags and so have the folks I've made them for... I use mine daily so I won't wreck my MP bags, which Robin isn't making anymore. That is how I came to experiment with working with fabric Art actually, she inspired me to give it a try and utilize my own bags so that my MP collection wouldn't get worn out. It was a Blessing in disguise... you never know what you can do until you try... I can just see you tooling around town in your Gypsymobile... I need a new "old" vehicle and perhaps I should consider an old truck I can trick out in Bohemian splendor??? *she claps her hands gleefully! LOL* Blessings, Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. This is so cool !!!!
    Following you back of course ! You are so much fun...I can relate to your last post...I have the blues for some reason....

  7. Stopping by from Sonya Ann's place. I love your creativity! Awesome work!


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