Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tis that wonderful time of the year!

I know I am like so many other gardeners out there that are perusing the seed, and plant catalogs this time of year, Its just a given... I am trying a new company this year ReneesGardenseeds.com
I received some samples at the garden blog seminar and loved HOW MUCH!!! you got in a package!! Well I am from the school of more is better so I put together my little list. Now I can buy just about anything at any of the 19 local garden centers... But what really hooked me was the Antique heirloom Varieties ! From France !
I am looking for plants that I can save the seeds, and that Still have the fragrance in them! I have hundreds and hundreds of plants in my gardens, but There is always room for more! Hee hee... especially sweet peas, And calendulas!
I had a little money left over from vacation... so thanks Renee for the samples... I cant wait to start planting!
p.s. I love the art work on seed packages too! You just know they are going to get plastered in my garden journal!...