Friday, January 23, 2009

Can One have too Many Collections?

Just a few of mine... They say :
Three or more of something and ITS A COLLECTION!!!
UH OH... 
I Think I have a collection of collections!
My sister Tanya says she collects Hobbies... LOL
My sister sue collects Precious Moments, snowmen... and others.
                   The REAL SUBJECT:
My Sister Trina did collect Dept 56 houses, But they all burned down in her house fire this Christmas day, which brings me to this post...
even though  I hold on to all these things, what would I grab if my house was on fire?
I think we all have pondered this in the last few weeks, of helping her.
She has taught me a huge lesson ....
 by seeing how she has handled loosing EVERYTHING that she owned! 
They grabbed their kids... 
that's all that was important. 
So true... So true. ...
Thank you Trina for letting us all see your strength,...
 for letting us see your faith in Jesus Christ,...
 (for putting whats important first.)


  1. Vanessa I am so excited that you left me a post. As you can see I am fairly new and I don't get many responds and when I do I get so excited because I have met another friend. Back to your beautiful blog I was thinking about all your collections. I really don't have any. I love costume jewelry (old)
    I need while I am out thrift storing to start looking for something to collect.
    Have A Great Weekend.

  2. Anonymous2/26/2009

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